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Colorful Creations by Gayle

Mom's Crafty Blog This is the blog I helped Mom setup during my Cali vacation! There's only one post at the moment (and an about me page), but you should still check it out! Any feedback as far as layout or formatting will gratefully be taken into consideration (leave comments on this post)

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Anyone Have a Charger?!

Exhausted today, I think I’m still fighting off a cold… I haven’t actually felt my 100% since about the 14th or so (can’t remember exactly). I’ve been pushing a little too hard on this vacation, and my body is so fatigued. Yesterday was spent mostly on the couch at my parents’ house, watching Soap (absolutely hilarious…… Continue reading Anyone Have a Charger?!

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ZIA: Sunflower and Tulips, A Present for Mom

This is the Zentangle inspired painting that I made for my mom (birthday present and Mother’s Day)! It took me an extremely long time, but I think it was worth it for her 🙂 This painting is far more complex than anything I will be making to sell (at least at first)… it took at…… Continue reading ZIA: Sunflower and Tulips, A Present for Mom