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ZIA: Sunflower and Tulips, A Present for Mom

Zentangle Inspired Art 1

This is the Zentangle inspired painting that I made for my mom (birthday present and Mother’s Day)! It took me an extremely long time, but I think it was worth it for her 🙂

This painting is far more complex than anything I will be making to sell (at least at first)… it took at least 48 hours of work. Creating paintings this complex, while still an amateur, would just be too time consuming. Not to mention, if I sold the painting for $240, then I’d only be making $5 an hour and would have eaten the cost of all of the materials. Yeah, so, not worth it at this time.
However, I wanted to show what I’m capable of (and what kind of things I will be working towards), since this shows off many different techniques! I can’t wait to have other paintings created and listed!

I also recently made a painting for my grandmother, which I’ll post soon. It’s not as intense, and is much more like the types of paintings I’ll have available on Etsy.


2 thoughts on “ZIA: Sunflower and Tulips, A Present for Mom

    1. Thank you! I don’t have any paintings up yet… but I can’t wait! Hearing that my paintings are enjoyed by people I’m not related to is always nice 🙂
      I’ll post on my blog when I have paintings available on Etsy!

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