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Mermaids and Griffins and Dragons, Oh My!

On Saturday, August 22nd, we went to the Natural History Museum. We have a membership, so we can get in for free anytime we want. I didn’t actually feel too fantastic, but I REALLY wanted to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit! The MC exhibit opened on my birthday (March 19), and is leaving either this weekend or the next. Missing it wasn’t an option for me, really, and I knew I wouldn’t be up to it after the surgery… so off we went on Saturday!

001 kraken at entrance
First thing you see when you enter the exhibit

I am so glad we went! It was a very interesting exhibit, and we both enjoyed ourselves. The exhibit was broken up into different categories: water, earth, and air. First, we encountered the mythical creatures of the water. There was a large focus on mermaids, information on krakens and sea serpents, and a few other odd creatures.

006 mermaid skeletons
Mermaid “fossils”
012 mermaid
Feejee Mermaid
003 hippocampus
011 kraken poster
Run!!! It’s the Kraken!

Next, land creatures! Big foot (yeti, etc), unicorns, and griffins. They also had some stuff on giants and cyclops, but I didn’t get any pictures of those. When ancient peoples stumbled across elephant skulls, they assumed that the big orifice on the front was an eye socket, instead of being the opening for the trunk. Giants arose from the discovery of large bones that looked human, such as the femurs of large animals.

014 gigantopithecus1
Gigantopithecus blacki : one theory for the Bigfoot legends

015 gigantopithecus2

017 griffin
020 unicorn
unicorn – with a Narwhal tusk for a horn
021 rhino
Rhinos really are unicorns!

Then, into the air we go!!! Gigantic birds, Pegasus, and dragons.

Roc carrying off an elephant
Roc carrying off an elephant
023 roc2
a model of a Roc
025 ancient emu
an extinct emu relative
029 pegasus
Pegasus – born from Medusa’s neck after her beheading, fathered by Zeus

At the end of the exhibit, there was the option to take green screen photos. You could choose to pose with a dragon or with a unicorn. Dan and I chose the dragon! I decided to hide behind him, because every time I get spooked by something that is my natural reaction. Ya, I know, not nice to use the husband as a human shield. Oh well!

Fun green screen shot at the end!
Fun green screen shot at the end!

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