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Curious Crane Answering the Phone

So, I made this design today, and now I can’t stop giggling!


I took this photo several years ago at the San Diego Zoo. Leaning over the fence (it was a raised walkway that goes around the enclosures, I wasn’t doing anything bad), I was trying to get a good photo… then he turned and looked straight into my lens! This is just so perfect for phone cases 😛 This one just links to the one for the iPhone 6, but I am working on adjusting the design for other phones too. You can choose all sorts of devices (several generations of iPhone, several Samsung models, Motorola, etc); and if you notice it doesn’t come on your device, let me know, and I’ll see if Zazzle has your device as an option for me to put the design on!

In about 24 hours, the case will appear in my Zazzle shop! Prior to then, use the direct link to see it!


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