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World Rare Disease Day 2017: Infographic

There is not enough awareness about many rare illnesses, even though there are an estimated 350 million rare disease patients worldwide! This infographic from Global Genes provides many facts about rare disease as a whole. #CareAboutRare

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New Cardiology Appointment: New Diagnosis Journey Started, Old Diagnoses Being Reviewed

I finally made the move to a new cardiologist, and it was a much needed breath of fresh air! While it’s going to be frustrating, almost completely starting over on my diagnosis journey, I’m very hopeful and excited. Here’s hoping we can find some much-needed answers!

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The Specialist Allergist/Immunologist

My specialist immunology appointment was Monday, January 23rd. In summary, I got the referral due to confusing allergy shots complications. I was thinking I probably had MCAS, my gastroenterologist suspects I may have eosinophilia of the small bowel, and I really just want to know what’s going on and why I’m so itchy all the time.