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Happy Holidays from The Bulfers!

I hope that wherever you were and whatever you celebrate, that this festive season held at least a little glimmer of happiness (or at least contentment) for you! Happy holidays from the Bulfers to you!

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So Excited and Happy I’m Crying

Some days are actually good days! I just logged onto my Zazzle store, expecting nothing to have changed as I haven’t been able to do anything to it in a long time thanks to all of the headaches I’ve been dealing with lately. But, to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. Instead… I SOLD MY…… Continue reading So Excited and Happy I’m Crying

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Happy 4th of July

It’s the United States Independence Day! Time to celebrate our nation’s freedom (and I like to also thank the people that gave us that freedom as well). There will be barbecues and fireworks throughout the land today! Be safe everyone and have fun! And to all my non-USA readers, I hope you also have a…… Continue reading Happy 4th of July

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Beaver Creek Vacation – photos

I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Beaver Creek with the in-laws 🙂 The people that went were: Becky (my mother-in-law), Shelby (sister-in-law), Jimmy (Shelby’s boyfriend), Dave (brother-in-law), Claire (Dave’s roommate), Dan, and myself. We got up there Saturday afternoon, and just hung out at the condo and had a nice…… Continue reading Beaver Creek Vacation – photos

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It’s Giving Tuesday

I hadn’t even heard of Giving Tuesday until today… apparently, I’ve been living under a rock? I think I just have difficulty keeping track of which “named” days get added onto this specific part of the season… Anyway, Giving Tuesday makes me feel much better about the world than the others. One invisible illness blogger I…… Continue reading It’s Giving Tuesday

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25 Little Things That Make Daily Life Fantastic

The prompt from Writing 101 was to make a list of some sort. Originally, I was going to make a list of how my life had changed due to chronic illness… but then I realized how depressing that list was going to be. Living with chronic illness is challenging, at best, and can make it…… Continue reading 25 Little Things That Make Daily Life Fantastic

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Let’s Shake the Gratitude Tree and See What Falls Out

Not having the best day mentally/emotionally. I woke up with my depression flaring up, and I have no idea why. Well, I keep hearing how therapeutic a gratitude journal is, and while I’ve never done well with consistently keeping a journal, I thought I would at least make a gratitude post. Maybe listing things I’m…… Continue reading Let’s Shake the Gratitude Tree and See What Falls Out