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The Case of the Missing Lizz

This last month has been such a blur for me. My health decided to skydive, without a parachute, and it hit the ground hard. I haven’t gotten quite this sick in a long time, and it’s just as miserable as I remember. So, what exactly happened? Well, I do kind of mention it in these posts: Being…… Continue reading The Case of the Missing Lizz

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LEAP/MRT Diet: Phase 1/2, Week 2

I started my LEAP diet on March 28th. I am starting with a ½ phase due to my daily headaches; since sudden food detox can cause headaches in someone without chronic headache, my dietitian didn’t want me to feel atrocious. However, I’ve still been having some issues with phase ½, but it could also be…… Continue reading LEAP/MRT Diet: Phase 1/2, Week 2

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Being “Normal” Sick While Chronically Ill

First of all, it’s extremely difficult to determine if you’re actually sick, because colds, the flu, and infections tend to mimic the symptoms of the chronic illnesses… differentiating between a cold and a flare can be extremely difficult. (I go more in depth about this problem here.) I realized I was sick this time because I…… Continue reading Being “Normal” Sick While Chronically Ill