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Sometimes, There are High Points – Mt Evans Adventure

Over Labor Day weekend, I accomplished something I thought was impossible: walking around above 14,000 feet elevation! I got tons of photographic proof, because I was so thrilled my body let me enjoy it! Read my story here…

Chronic Illness · My Health Stuff · Random Life Stuff

The Case of the Missing Lizz

This last month has been such a blur for me. My health decided to skydive, without a parachute, and it hit the ground hard. I haven’t gotten quite this sick in a long time, and it’s just as miserable as I remember. So, what exactly happened? Well, I do kind of mention it in these posts: Being…… Continue reading The Case of the Missing Lizz

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Happy Fall Ya’ll

It's now officially fall! Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, which marks the first official day of fall here in the northern hemisphere. One of my friends, CL, shared an interesting article on her Facebook about why fall is the only season that has two names (one thing I know I have personally wondered about many… Continue reading Happy Fall Ya’ll

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So Excited and Happy I’m Crying

Some days are actually good days! I just logged onto my Zazzle store, expecting nothing to have changed as I haven’t been able to do anything to it in a long time thanks to all of the headaches I’ve been dealing with lately. But, to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. Instead… I SOLD MY…… Continue reading So Excited and Happy I’m Crying