Never change your medications without consulting your doctors and pharmacists. There are even supplements and vitamins, all natural ones, that can react poorly with prescription medications. ALWAYS talk to a professional before changing any portion of your medical care.

Because I really don’t want anyone changing medications without consulting doctors, I will not be listing dosages for most of the medications (none of the pharmaceuticals will have dosages, but some of the vitamins will).

daily medications
My daily pills, and POTSie hands. They look a little different now.

Daily Pharmaceuticals

  • Bystolic (POTS)
  • Corlanor (POTS) discont. 12/2016
  • losartan (POTS) discont. 11/2016
  • microgestin (birth control pills, also used for ovarian cysts)
  • cyclobenzaprine (fibro)
  • ranitidine (eosinophilic esophagitis)
  • levocetirizine (allergies)
  • montelukast (allergies)
  • Nasacort (allergies)
  • Topamax (migraines) discont. 10/2016
  • fluocinolone acetonide oil (ear itching; excema in the ears)
    • also occasionally use: mometasone furoate topical lotion

Daily Supplements & Vitamins

  • Align (probiotic, for IBS) replaced
  • VSL #3, 2 capsules per day (probiotic, for IBS)
    • may switch to Visbiome if my doctor approves
  • magnesium 250mg (for fibro)
  • NatureMade Prenatal + DHA (for nutritional support, and someday a family)

As Needed Prescriptions

  • metaxalone (headaches)
  • Cromolyn (eosinophillic esophagitis) discont. 12/2016
  • Trama-dol (pain)
  • Zofran (nausea)
  • Lidoderm patches (pain)

Frequently Used OTC

  • Aleve (pain)
  • Tylenol (pain)
    • Tylenol PM (pain and allergies, the “PM” part is Benadryl)
  • Excedrin Extra Strength (headaches)
  • Nauzene (nausea)
  • Sudafed (allergies)
  • Benadryl (allergies)
  • MidNite (insomnia)
  • ibuprofen (pain)
  • saline spray, nasal (allergies)
    • also Neil Med sinus rinses for allergies
  • Alaway, eye drops (allergies)

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